Trust our local know-how and establish your technology business operations in the Baltic States

We position ourselves as a business partner representing foreign technology in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

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Our Values

Everything you need to scale your business and increase sales by stepping into the Baltic market

• Committed team

• Established connections

• Business experience and skills required to roll-out efficiently and fast

• Local know-how and expertise in technology business

• Well-established communication channels

• Focus on long-term collaboration

• Strong relationship with local media to promote your services



Our mission is to maintain strong strategic partnership by being an innovative partner with passion in technology and open new opportunities for businesses  interested in establishing operations in the Baltic States region.
Whether your business is originally based in UAE, Asia, US or Europe we are happy to discuss with you as we see wide range of opportunities.

The Baltic States

3 northern European countries on the east of the Baltic Sea, also know as one of the most-promising frontier markets in the world


  • Euro in all three countries
  • Fastest internet in the world!
  • If you face a fierce competition in western Europe, it is still highly possible that you have a niche product for the Baltic Countries
  • Smartphone penetration and technology business in general is facing the fastest growth in Europe opening great perspectives for foreign companies
Let us introduce you the biggest market in Baltics – Lithuania

Why Choose Us?

We will make sure to possess the right skills and competences required to sell, support and implement your solutions

We will help you to become the first one in the market and gain a strong position to prevent emerging rivals

Expand your market share and boost sales on attractive commission basis and long-term partnership